10 Bald Beauties That Will Make You Want To Kiss Your Luscious Curls Goodbye

Cutting one’s hair is often the last thing any woman wants to do. I can barely get my ends trimmed without almost shedding a few tears. Women have always viewed their luscious locks as a crown of glory and adornment, to complement and enhance their features. Sometimes our hair can even serve as a means of distraction from any facial features we may not be fond of. Hence why the thought of doing a big chop sends shivers down many spines; and the thought of actually wearing a super short style permanently- a nightmare!

Be that as it may, many women are rocking the next-to-nothing look beautifully. This can be inspirational, because there are some of us, who are sometimes forced to cut our hair and even keep it short. Be it for physical health reasons, or for the health of our hair, we have to kiss our coils goodbye. Not to worry, though, because our baldly beautiful sisteren have been so kind to share their looks with us on the interwebs.

Let’s take a look at a few gorgeous ladies that may inspire your next big chop!