10 styles for your TWA


**I found a video online showing 10 different styles to do on a TWA and I’m really excited! (Video below)

So far the only style I’ve been able to do on my TWA is a Wash & Go.  I wash my hair with conditioner (co wash) and then I let my hair air dry after adding my oils and leave in conditioner.  I did wear two strand twists once and then a two strand twistout once, but I wore that for a total of 3 days out of my almost 3 week natural hair journey.  I did like the twistouts so I will two strand twist my hair again this weekend, but wear the twistout after my hair dries over night.

Check out the video and save it for future reference, if you have a TWA or if you are transitioning and will be doing your Big Chop soon.  If you don’t have a TWA send it to any women you know who does have a TWA.  If you don’t save it, you can always come back here for it.