10 Things You Did Not Know About BLUE IVY’S HAIR


Blue-Ivy-Beyonce An article was shared on FB and I totally fell in love with it because the MAN, yes I said man, who wrote this article was able to see past all the things that sooo many woman just can’t.  Read the full article here to see all 10 things, but I will comment on a few things below. The first thing the author shares is, “Blue Ivy’s hair has NOTHING to do with you.” I don’t think we the people truly understand this at all.  Her hair styles have everything to do with her family, her age, and her!  We all have opinions on everything we see and I know with the increase in social media engagement and reality tv we feel like we can just say whatever we want and that someone else must listen, but it’s so annoying. Let this baby be.

The author then goes on to discuss in bullet point #2. “Neither your opinion nor mine should matter when it comes to what THEY want to do with THEIR child’s hair.” As a mom of two I can’t agree with this any more. My hubby and I make decisions about our son and daughters hair. Noone else. Enough said. The last thing I’ll touch upon is bullet point #9. “Live life. Read things other than Celebrity gossip or juicy bits of drama. Stop feeling as if you have a right to know everything about celebrities lives or that your opinion really matters when it comes to things like THIS. It doesn’t. Sure have your opinion, but just remember, it is just your opinion… no one has to agree or like it or care.”  I don’t know about you, but while I do admit that celebrity gossip, pop culture and rachet reality tv are extremely entertaining, they are just that, entertainment. I find joy in my line of work, spending time with my family, getting my nails done, having dinner with my best friend and of course, shopping. Living my life above and beyond what Beyonce is doing to her daughters hair is way more fulfilling. All in all, I think Blue Ivy is the cutest little patootie and her hair is the least of the issues everyone should be concerned about.

Read the full article here to see all 10 things and tell me what you think.