13 Protective Styles You Must Rock This Season – No Wigs, Weaves Or Extensions!

Girrrrl it’s getting cold and most of us with kinky, curly, and coily hair are all too familiar with the challenge that comes with maintaining a healthy mane when the weather starts to get colder. It may be time to tuck your hair away into a good old protective style to help protect and maintain moisture as best as we can.

Most often when we think of protective styles the first styles that come to mind include wigs, weaves, and extensions. I do love me a good wig, but my hair just doesn’t do well with extensions and weaves. When I take my hair out I’m left with lots of breakage and damage particularly in the crown. And for many women extensions do a number on their hair line leavening them with horrible traction alopecia.

To make sure you take care of your hair this season without the damage I found this dope salon in the DMV area called N Natural Hair Studio. The stylists there are sick with their hands. They create the most beautiful styles of natural hair and many of their popular protective styles are done with all of your own hair.

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Click through to check out several 13 dope protective styles I grabbed from N Natural Hiar Studio’s Instagram.