2 Year Length Check


I’m 2 years natural Woop! Woop!
Check out my 2 year twist out evolution and my reflection on my journey thus far.

In the past 2 years, I’ve grown my hair ON MY OWN to armpit length!

Everyone I meet with or consult with asks me the same thing, “How did you do it?”  There is no magic to this, take care of your insides and take of your hair and it will grow. Point. Blank. Period.

My regimen may be helpful to some of you, but the most important thing is consistency. You’ve got to be consistent in taking care of your hair.  Treat it with love and it will show you love.

The ladies who are participating in the castor oil challenge have admitted, that their hair has never felt better. The only difference they’ve made in their regimen, is consistency.  They are finally committed to taking care of their hair regularly as a part of the challenge.

Do you smell what I’m cooking?