25 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going Natural

25 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going Natural frenchyfatim
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We polled our FaceBook family about what things they wished someone told them BEFORE they went natural and I know you can totally relate to just about all of these. If you know someone who is contemplating going natural share this list with them so they can be prepared!


Before going natural, I wish I knew…

  1. How non supportive your family could be because you have transitioned to natural. Latonya Walker-Moody
  2. That you should never use a “curl relaxer” or “texturizer” to make your hair softer. Someone gave me this bad information and I had to cut my hair and restart. Achiaa Kyei Mensah
  3. The most expensive natural hair products are not necessarily the best. Danielle Cuero
  4. How time consuming styling natural hair is…especially when you’re going through the in between stage. Kimberly Thompson
  5. Don’t go crazy because you always see a lot of amazing hair on instagram and wonder why the hell you waste a lot of time on yours and its not even 50% as nice as her hair looks like ~every-single-day~. She is wearing crochet braids or afro hair extensions or wigs and saying its natural hair. Hahahahahaha. Giovana Pinho
  6. It would take years to find right routine and products for your hair.  Being a product junkie is inevitable! But youbcan get it under control. Lol! Tastietee Talisa Lewis
  7. Wash an go’s are easier said then done. MannynCourtney Fermin
  8. To not base my results on the results on someone else’s. Nichelle Brown
  9. That we all have different textures. Nichelle Brown
  10. You can wear your hair straightened and still be natural, don’t let this be an excuse to relax your hair again. – JenellBStewart
  11. That I might wake up many,many mornings like WTH! I’m getting a relaxer! …But if you stick with it you will learn to love it. Mia TheAuthor Grant
  12. Natural hair is more time consuming than relaxed hair. Dearris Somler
  13. That you have to love your hair and it will grow. Products are not everything. Love is the key. Iesha Darden
  14. I wish someone had told me that I would have to deal with single strand knots if I don’t twist down my hair at night…which takes an hour if done properly. Robyn Savage
  15. That’s there is by no means an actual definition of “Good Hair”. Your hair is just as Beautiful and Unique as God intended it to be! Angela Degraffenreaidt
  16. That you finally knew the true definition of the word SHRINKAGE Ahsaki Deschamps
  17. The impact of coloring natural hair. Thirsty hair + drying dye = parchment paper feeling hair. Harriette Annie Muir
  18. Less shampoo, more Cowash. Shanita Bailey
  19. That I could make my own products instead of going broke. My pockets and hair are both thanking me. Maryam Bradford
  20. That my hair would grow even longer than my relaxed hair. Stacey Fletcher
  21. That putting a product on my hair would not give me instant curls or a curl pattern. It all comes with time. Danielle Russell
  22. That everyone’s hair will grow at different rate and in order to get length, sometimes it takes years! Kulaid Kelly
  23. Growth is not what you need to be obsessed over, it’s retention. Aeriel Annissa Robinson
  24. That my hair would change over time. Sophonie Joseph-Laurore
  25. Never be afraid to trim your hair, its essential for healthy natural hair. JenellBStewart

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