3 Easy Styling Tips for Short Natural Hair


by TribeCalledCurl

This is for our sisters in the struggle. Those who fell in love with the idea of natural hair 101, big chopped and rocked TWAs with pride, then woke up one morning looking like Frederick Douglass (No disrepect).  Ladies, welcome to the dreaded in between zone, where the cute cropped ‘dos of your early natural days morph into unwieldy, uneven and shapeless head warmers.  This phase is a true test of your mettle.  If you can survive the eighteen month stretch where your strands are stuck in the middle, where the pain is thunder (RIP MIJAC), then you’ll make it to long natural hair nirvana where strands can be stretched to bra-strap length and beyond.  Of course, long hair comes with its own set of challenges, but let’s save those for another post, shall we? Before you go jonesing for your easy, straight days, try these simple tips for getting the most out of your natural hair, even at the in-between stage.

1. Maintain Shape


First things, first a neatly maintained mane with a visible shape will look great at any length.  Even if you’re aiming for toenail length tresses, a gentle shape-up will prevent the shrunken, misshapen, amorphous look of in-between lengths.  (think Samuel Jackson as Mr. Glass.)  Natural should make you look and feel good at every stage, not just very long and TWAs.  We strongly recommend going to a professional  natural hair stylist for a cut.  Unsure of how to choose a qualified stylist?  Check out these tips.

2. Keep It Stretched

If your curls have grown past, say your ear, try maximizing their length and volume by keeping them elongated.  Stretching your strands will keep matting and tangles temporarily at bay and give them the appearance of being longer.  There are numerous stretching methods used by innovative naturals, our favorite is the humble braid-out.  If your hair is more coily than curly, try banding.  Peep the technique of fly Naturalista Simply Cre8eve 

3. Mix and Match
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