3 Natural Hair Styles that Can Handle the Rain


Summer may be right around the corner, but until we turn that corner we are all still going through the Rainy Day hair drama. For most natural women, the humidity and dampness from the continuous Spring rain falls puts a cramp in any fly hairstyle. What is a girl to do when she styles her hair one way before heading out the door only to pull out her phone for a morning bathroom selfie and to discover that her hair looks nothing like it did when she left the house.

No she’s not going to kick and scream, she’s going to try these styles to beat the rain to the puddle.  Here are 3 styles that will totally stand up to the rain.

The Bun

There are so many variations of the bun that there has to be one that is perfect for you.  Don’t let the fact that your hair isn’t long enough to bun deter you, this day and age we have lot’s of bun support out there. As shown with the use extensions like Marley hair or even use a donut or sock to create the perfect circular shape.

Jenell rocking a high bun with marley hair

The Marley Bun is easy to do. You can blow out your natural hair to give it a good length stretch or just pick your hair out with a comb. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and then wrap and pin marley hair extensions around it into the perfect bun.

The Turban Bun

The Turban Bun is practically the same as the Marley Bun except with this bun you are bringing your pony tail to the very front of your head to mimic the turban style head wrap.

Get Your Bun Layed

The Top Knot bun does require some length because with this bun your hair is put into a pony tail and then lightly rolled and pinned to create the bun.

Find out which option works for you so you are ready to go during the next Spring rain storm.

The Roll, Tuck & Pin

The roll, tuck & pin is my holy grail style because all you need are a few bobby pins and you are good to go! This style will hold up to the rain without a doubt. And what I love even more about this style is that it can be done without the use of a mirror. There have been many days that my hair puffed up and frizzed out and I reached down into the bottom of my bag to find 3 bobby pins and managed to put my hair up into the cutest roll, tuck & pin ever.  Here’s a gallery of styles that you can recreate.






Check out these protective hairstyles!

The Braid

If slicking up your hair with gel or mastering the bobby pin is not your thing, there’s always the oldy but goody –the braid. One braid or two braids or event twists, is a stylish way to wear your hair during this rainy season. Try a few of these looks on your next rainy day.