3 Ways To Stretch Your Natural Hair Without Using Heat

heat free blowout stretching natural hair naptural85

If you have natural hair and you love big hair like me, these next tips are for you. I have a love hate relationship with shrinkage so big hair is always the option for me. I have not straightened my hair with heat or a flat iron since going natural in 2011. For someone who loves big hair my first method is the heatless blow out best shown by natural hair guru Whitney White aka Naptural85 on Youtube.

Heatless Blow Out

This method is best used on an old stretched hair style. First step is to separate your hair into small sections. After that start by finger detangling and move on to gentling combing your hair out. Do not use water or a water base product so you hair does not revert back to curly. Repeat these steps on every section, release your hair and admire your big heatless blow out. Perfect to wear as is or a base for a bomb stretched twist out.

Banding Method

I love using this method with a wash n go but it can be used with any style. Part your hair into 2-4 sections. With one section at a time I wrap my hair tie down the length of my hair. I repeat this step on all of my sections. The next morning I remove the bands, release my hair, shake and fluff. You can do it with smaller or larger ouchless bands – whatever you desire!


Lastly is the bunning method which is also is a really cute style. After my hair is washed and conditioned I lay my edges and put my hair in a low bun. You can wear this bun for a couple hours or overnight. After taking out my hair tie my hair is stretched and ready for styling. My go to style is a chunky twist out when my hair is in a stretched state.

I hope you find these methods helpful and happy stretching!