4 DIY Natural Hair Cleansers You Must Try This Summer

by Christina Curlmedy

The summer, it’s going to get so hot outside– we’re going to start sweating; we’re going to want to wear out our fros, because it’s the summer. We’re going to want to put in protective styles, like braids, twists, faux locs, actual locs, Senegalese twists, and ghana braids. We’re going to do A LOT to our hair this summer, but because it’s going to get hot we’re going to wear out hair out more which means more wash&gos– which means more protective styling.

This means our hair will have more instances of having build up and accumulating debris/crud. Basically all of the oils and the leave in conditioners that we use and that we probably think rinse out when we co-wash starts to build up. Then we will start to see it in our hair– our once bouncy coils become dull, our hair doesn’t seem to be big and voluminous as it use to. If you’re like any naturalista, during the winter you are abiding by the rules. Since its dry and cold, it’s the worst condition to have wet freeing hair. So in the winter we are a lot more cautious, we do our deep conditioning and we’re like “good job hair, you’re doing great” But in the summer we’re just like “I want to look like Chaka Khan” “I want my hair ALL out” “I want everyone to know that I’m natural” but then we begin to put our hair in protective styling, wash&gos which uses gel and leave in– GUYS WE NEED TO CALM DOWN But we don’t have to calm down if we have the essential all organic all natural ways of cleansing our own hair.

ACV Cleanse Spray
1 part ACV
3 part H20

Apple Cider vinegar is an amazing all in one cleanser that will help to cleanse your hair. ACV will help to balance your hair and scalp’s PH balance, seals cuticle, and even conditions your hair!

Lemon Cleanser
2 part lemon
3 or 4 part water

Lemon juice is a great cleanser and helps to cleanse your scalp and great for oily scalps.

Lemon Cucumber Cleanser
1 whole cucumber
Lemon Juice

A less harsh version of the lemon water cleanser, the cucumber act as a nourishing agent that will leave hair feeling great!

Aztec Clay Hair Mask
1/2 cup of clay powder
3 tablespoons of coconut oil
1/4 ACV
1/4 water
2 tablespoons of you favorite Essential oil

This is the ultimate clean, for once a month deep clean. The Aztec clay powder will suck away any build up/ impurities. The ACV and oils will act as your moisturizers that will leave your hair clean and nourished.