4 Faux Tapered Cut Tutorials You Must Try!


I always crush on tapered cuts! Not too long ago I was rocking a tapared cut after I suffered hair damage. Now that my cut has grown out I find myself longing for the tapered look every now and then, but I’m not interested in going through with the actual cut. It’s been over a year since I’ve had short hair and I do appreciate once again many of the conveniences that longer hair offers, like puffs, roll tuck and pins and chunky twists.

In my quest for options on how I can wear my hair, tapered without actually tapering it I came across some very talented YouTubers that have demonstrated ways for me to get the look without having to shave my hair off. Sounds like a Win Win!

This tutorial requires some advanced flat twisting and braiding skills to achieve the tapered look in the back.

@askpRoy’s tutorial requires basic twisting and the use of perm rods for a shrunken tapered look.

In this tutorial, Jennifer doesn’t twist or braid at all. She pats her hair in tightly-how creative!

In this tutorial, my girl Whitney, or as you know her, Naptural85, creates a tapered bob being that her hair is so long. She uses a few hair pins and voila.