4 Signs Your Natural Hair Routine Works


When I first started my natural hair journey I was completely confused, lost, scared and a bit frustrated. I felt like this because there was a lot to figure out about my natural hair and I was not enthused to do so. However, I realized if I don’t who will? It’s my hair and I want what is best so let the games begin!

Wait, Games? Yea this was one game that was not fun at first until I started to learn how to play it. Flow with me, once you learn the rules of a game you become more confident in playing. You begin to develop your own style, tricks and strategies right? Well think of your natural hair routine the same way. Once you start to learn what type of routine works best for you, confidence kicks in gear. You’re able to maneuver yourself with ease in product aisles, planned trips well, estimate your time better and much more.

We all know our hair has a life of its own right, lol! So a solid natural hair routine is what makes a lot of naturals make their journey look easy. In the video below we address 4 Signs Your Natural Hair Routine Works. Natural hair is no joke and we want to do what makes our hair healthy and consistently growing. Do you know if your natural hair routine does just that? Well check out these great tips and see how your current routine measures up.

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