4 Steps To Grow Back Your Edges

Are you suffering from broken damaged edges and not sure exactly what  to do?  I have 4 great tips that are guaranteed to help you.

First things first, if your edges are completely bald and the hair is very smooth, I advise you visit a dermatologist, I go into further detail in the video.

My next tip is to avoid any kind of tension. This means NO PULLING. And no tight hair styles that pull on your hair line. Many of your favorite styles are going to be out for you if you have damaged edges.  You have to change your damaging behaviors if you want to grow your edges back.

You can use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to help stimulate growth on your edges, In the video I give you suggestions on how to use this oil daily.

Lastly, you can take hair growth vitamins such as Hairfinity hair vitamins or Biotin or MSM. I used Hairfinity for 6 months and it worked great for me, but do your own research when taking supplements.

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As someone who has experienced hair loss due to post partum shedding I understand it can be frustrating, but you can get through this with healthy hair care practices.