5 Benefits Of Finger Detangling Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Glenford Nunez

by Adé Sanni

I hate hair tangles. You hate hair tangles. Everyone hates hair tangles! But hair tangles are a natural occurrence in curly hair, aka natural hair. The natural tendencies to remove hair tangles are to either comb through it, or brush through it. This is all well and dandy if you use the right conditioner and the right tool, but most people don’t have the right tool, or conditioner or patience.

Then chunks of hair tear out as we comb angrily at the tangled knots, then we gasp and cry out. ‘WHY!!”.  6 months later, we are not happy that our hair has not grown even an inch. So I came up with the solution to ditch the comb and go in favour of finger detangling. Now, when I say ditch the comb, I don’t mean entirely. I still comb my hair about once every 3-6 months when I am doing a deep clarification to strip my hair of everything. But, in my normal routine, I have decided to go for finger combing.

I have been doing this for over two years now, and, whoa, I am very pleased with the results. Below are 5 benefits of finger detangling natural hair below.


The obvious benefit of finger detangling natural hair is less breakage. This is because your finger can easily find knots and work its way around it, whereas a comb might have dive into a knot before you can feel it, which would make an even ‘tanglier’ knot.


Because your fingers can find knots more easily, it will result in less tangles. If you use a comb, it will make more of a mess of the tangle. And the tangle that could have been easily dealt with would now become a huge ball of an impossible maze, which you must cut because you cannot untangle it anymore… does that make sense?


Another benefit of finger detangling natural hair is that since you are gently pulling the strands apart, and not tearing it, your strands are healthier and the ends are thicker.


You all know the pain of yacking your hair with a comb! Finger combing eliminates that.


AND all these results to longer hair. Whoo!

A good balance of finger combing and (comb) combing is the way to go in getting healthier, longer and stress-free hair. If you like 5 Benefits of Finger Detangling Natural Hair, comment below, and don’t forget to share.