5 Key Steps To Creating PERFECT EYEBROWS!

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By: Karline DePass

Step 1: Know your shape

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Everyone’s brows are different. Often times people have two different brow shapes or a defining mark such as a scar. Identifying your brow shape and what fits your face best is the first key step in creating the perfect brow.

Step 2: Don’t force it!

Don’t create a shape that doesn’t fit your face. We love to over pluck our brows, DON’T! If you don’t already have an arch, don’t create one, it will make you look OLDER!

Step 3: The perfect brow pencil

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Next is finding the perfect pencil. The key to this is the color (you might have to test a few colors to get the perfect match!) Once you find a good fit, begin filling in your brows.

Step 4: The Strokes

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Create actual hair strokes! Natural brows are the new trend. Draw lines in the same direction as your natural brows, this will help blend the pencil effortlessly.

Step 5: Seal the deal!

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Seal it! I love a clear mascara gel to seal my brows, I can go all day with no worries.