5 Lessons Being Natural Has Taught Me


by Bianca Jones

Embrace the Messy

Natural hair is all about the imperfect. Every curl isn’t going to be in place, your edges may not be perfectly laid, and you’re not always going to feel like doing it but that’s what being natural is all about. You have to embrace the messy. When I had a relaxer my hair was so easy to control. I could lay it exactly how I wanted with the flat iron and have every piece right where I wanted. Now fast forward to being natural and it’s the opposite. No matter how many times I do the same twist out, my hair could come out different every time.

Let the curls fly!

Have Fun With It

If you’ve heard the saying ‘Curly girls have more fun’, I’m here to tell you it’s true. I think sometimes us as women overthink everything from our hair to our clothes. We forget to appreciate and love the style and hair we have. My hair taught me how to embrace everything about myself. Some people preferred my straight but I stuck with what I loved and rocked it.

The Power of the Switch Up

When wearing weaves and relaxed hair their’s so many things you can do like a bob, bangs, color, and more. I think some women forget you can experiment with natural hair as well. Color for one can make the hair stand out like nothing else. Than from different cuts like a taper cut or even simple bangs in the front can help the switch it up. And lets not talk about the many different kinds of styles from twist outs, to a full fro, to a flexi rod set, to box braids, and on and on. I use Pinterest for all my natural hair inspiration. It’ll have you wanting trying everything and realize natural hair has endless possibilities.

My point is don’t be afraid to play around with your hair and it’s texture. There’s so much you can do so the power of the switch up is real.

Don’t Compare; Everything Isn’t for Everybody

The first thing I did when I transitioned into being natural was my obsession with comparing myself to everybody else. I didn’t feel like my curls were defined enough. I couldn’t understand why when I did the same thing as the girls on Youtube, my hair didn’t look the same. The obvious answer was that there’s so many different textures in the natural hair realm that we all can’t expect to do the same things and get the same results.

I always preach that once you find the right products for you, stick with that. Now of course new products will be added to the collection over time but the point is not to try every new product you hear is so great. Once I found the right products that worked for my hair texture, I stuck with them while still trying new things here and there. The goal is to save them coins! Natural hair doesn’t have to be expensive.

Healthy Hair is the Best Hair!

This last lesson might be the obvious but it had to be mentioned. Before fully transitioning my hair was so damaged it was hard to do anything with it. Over time my relaxed hair fully grew out and my hair was like never before. Healthy hair is manageable, moisturized, easy to style, and just looks good. To maintain healthy hair I keep my ends trimmed, my hair deep conditioned on a regular basis, and always moisturized to avoid dryness.