5 Natural Hair Mistakes You Have To Stop Making

By LuvMika

Everyone makes mistakes. The best thing to do after making mistakes is learning from them and in my case sharing my mistakes on YT. My natural hair was maintained by my mother and hairstylists in my area growing up. I never relaxed my hair. However there was still a learning curve when the time came for me to start taking care of my own kinky 4c hair.  I’ve made a few mistakes on the way and I want to share them with everyone to save you time and damage on your natural hair journey.

1. Detangling With Small Toothed Combs. As I so shamefully confessed, I use to detangled my thick, 4c textured hair with small tooth combs. No bueno. This can result in excessive amounts of hair being removed and may actually be a setback if you’ve got length goals.

2. Not Deep Conditioning. Back in the day, a deep conditioner never touched my hair. Deep conditioning is now something that I cannot do without. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized, and it restores strength to my hair.

3. Excessive Blow Drying almost became a part of my natural hair regimen. I was doing it way too often and my hair let me know all about it. It was losing it’s elasticity and my twist outs started to look limp instead of fabulous. Blow drying is not necessary to achieve stretched hair.

4. Not Hot Oil Treating. Now that I think back on it, I had a lot of itchy scalp issues growing up and I think that not hot oil treating my hair had a lot to do with it. Now hot oil treatments are an absolute necessity for softening and stretching my hair if I let it get too dry and shrunken. It also keeps my scalp moisturized and my itchy scalp problems are behind me.

5. Not Trimming. Looking back at it now, my ends felt really dry and rough before I got my hair trimmed for the first time. A part of me just wanted to hold on to the length of my hair, but that is not always best. Trimming keeps my ends soft and my fro looking full and healthy.