5 Reasons Extra Virign Olive Oil Is Clutch For Natural Hair


I’ve tried grapeseed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and so many others, but one that I always end up falling back on is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So here are 5 Reasons Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Clutch for kinky natural hair.

1. The Price

Olive oil in general is relatively inexpensive and accessible. If you are a naturalista on a budget, this is definitely an oil you should try. It’s very likely that you can find it at any convenience store you visit in an assortment of brands and sizes.

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2. Your Scalp Will Thank You

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is chocked full of beneficial properties for your scalp and ultimately your hair. The same anti-inflammatory properties it has that promotes good internal health, also promotes scalp health. It moisturizes dry scalps, prevents dandruff, and also contains nutrients like Vitamin E which promotes hair growth.

3. The Perfect Staple for DIY Naturals

DIY Naturals and Kitchen Mixtresses alike will absolutely love this reason. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a very light scent that does not linger. Coupled with the fact that it’s cost effective, this oil is perfect as a base oil in many of your DIY hair products. From your shea buttter mixtures, to your hot oil treatments, to you DIY skin care products, Naturals Save some of your more pricey and potent oils by using extra virgin olive oil as a base oil.

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4. Bad All By Itself

On the other hand, some naturals like to keep their natural hair regimen relatively simple using one or two products. I’m happy to report that extra virgin olive oil is amazing all on its own. There’s no need for an oil mist for shine, a different oil to seal in moisture, another product to soften up your hair, and another to detangle. This oil can be used for all these things and so much more.

5. Bomb Conditioner & Detangler

No lies here. Extra virgin olive oil is the bomb for the driest and most textured of natural tresses due. Simply warm up your oil on your stove’s lowest setting (microwaving destroys the beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E in the oil) and work it into your dry hair from roots to ends. This relatively light oil softens the hair on contact and provides enough slip to finger detangle highly textured hair. The proof is definitely in my Detangling Kinky Nautral Hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Demo. You can also add olive oil to any conditioner for additional slip if you condition and detangle your hair after you wash your hair. Watch how I use olive oil to detangle my natural hair in this video

Have you tried extra virgin olive oil? What have been your experiences? Comment down below and share!