5 Things you Can Do Now for Supple Moisturized Hair


Dry hair is a nightmare! We buy all the products and we follow the directions to a tee, but at the end of the day (or shall I say by the morning) your hair isn’t feel as moisturized as it did when you first applied the product. What gives??

Here are a few things that you can incorporate into your daily routine to keep your hair moisturized.

jenell stewart satin bonnet

Get REAL Satin in your life

For the past year and some change, I’ve been wearing a REAL satin bonnet.  I hope you noticed the emphasis on REAL, because most likely the bonnet you purchased from the beauty supply store is NOT real satin. Take that bonnet off your head girl and take a peek at the tag on the inside. What’s it say? 100% polyester right? A real satin bonnet is most likely made with charmeuse satin and does not cost $2 or even $5. Satin is a high quality form of polyester with fibers that are so tight that moisture has a hard time escaping, unlike the cheap bonnets most of us buy (my self included at one point). The cheaper bonnets do protect your hair to a certain degree, but not as thorough.  If your hair is always drying out, then I highly recommend you buy real satin. I get my bonnets from Flor Bella Boutique. Save 15% with the code kccm15

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Oil it Up, Oil it Up

Contrary to popular belief, oils don’t moisturize your hair *gasps* shocking I know. Oils are lubricants, thus they do an amazing job of sealing the moisture in. But when used as a moisturizer, they don’t soften the hair at all. Using oil properly will keep your hair moisturized longer. Try this! When styling your hair, mist a section of your hair with water, apply a light leave in conditioner, rub oil on your hair and then top it all off with your favorite moisturizer. Twist or braid your hair as desired. Using your oil as one of the many layers of products versus using it as your only product will seal in the moisture 10X better.

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jenell stewart twist for bed

Twist Your Hair at Night

I know we have long days and long nights and with work and the kids and cooking and cleaning and all the hours we spend watching youtube videos the last thing we want to do is twist or braid our hair up at night. But did you know that for tighter hair textures (namely type 4b/c) going to bed with your hair loose can be the number 1 culprit of dry broken rough hair?? Spending 15min to an hour or so, depending on your hair length can make or break–literally–your hair.  When your hair is twisted or braided the strands are pressed tightly together making it difficult for moisture to escape. The more moisture in your hair the less dry it is, catch my drift?

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Pre-poo (pre-shampoo)

For many women, shampoos can be harsh on the hair leaving it so clean that the strands are stripped of moisture.  A pre-poo is a great pre shampoo treatment that you can do now to protect your hair later.  Before applying shampoo to your hair, apply your favorite oil and/or conditioner to your wet or dry hair and massage it through. This is also a great opportunity to detangle your hair if you have the time.  Hop in the shower after, and allow the water to saturate your hair with your pre-poo mixture. Apply shampoo and clean your hair as usual.

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Deep Condition

This has to be my favorite thing to do. I deep condition just about every wash day or every other wash day because deep conditioners are infused with rich ingredients that are stimulated by heat.  They are the ultimate moisture boost for your hair especially to restore the moisture removed from a shampoo.  Incorporate this into your wash day and enjoy supply soft hair for days!

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