5 Times Sanaa Lathan Gave Us TWA Envy

For as long as I can remember, Sanaa Lathan has been a beauty icon in the black community. I remember marveling at her fresh skin and bouncy roller wraps as Monica in Love & Basketball, and her enviable back – length ponytails and curly roller sets as Syd in Brown Sugar. Celebrities are often forced to be on the cutting edge of beauty and hair looks of the time, and up to the this point, Sanaa has managed to maintain a timeless sense of beauty, and an amazing head of hair while doing it.

Which brings us to her most recent groundbreaking move, the release of her movie Nappily Ever After, and the simultaneous shaving of her own head. In the movie, her character shaves her head at a time that Vanity Fair calls the character’s “lowest,” but post-big chop, Sanaa seems to be on an unmatched high. When asked about her feelings towards her new hairstyle, embracing her natural curls (in an interview with Entertainment Weekly), Sanna shares:

I have a short, what I call #twa tiny, weenie, afro and there are days when I wish I had hair. Then there are days when I’m loving this. It feels so me now. It feels so the new me and I’m still a woman, I still have insecurities and doubts about myself at times, but I definitely feel like me doing what they call “the big chop” has kind of seeped into my outlook on life, my perspective on life in terms of kind of taking more risks and stepping outside whatever boxes I have put myself in or society has put me in. It’s definitely kind of started that conversation for me internally.

I must say, to see someone of her level of beauty and popularity make such a big change to her appearance and be real about the journey, is refreshing! There are so many women who are doing the same and could use someone to identify with their experience. Maybe you’re one of those women. In addition to getting inspiration from Sanaa’s spirit, in embracing her natural hair, let’s also benefit from the wealth of stylists she has at her disposal to do gorgeous styles on her now teeny weeny fro.

Here are a few times she made us all want one.