5 Tips You Need to Follow On Your Loc Journey


by Shasha of Locd Beauty

Seriously, locing was the best decision that I could have made! I love the freedom that I have with locs.  I can run out every morning stress free even on my worst days.  I’m not gonna lie though, I didn’t have it easy when I first locked. I struggled to find a Loctician to start my locs and then when I was finally loc’d I had to learn how to handle the frizzy ugly phase.

But I have learned a few things along the way and I want to share them with you lovely beauties!

Here are 5 things NOT to do with your TWL! (TeenyWeenyLocs)5 things not to do with bby locs

Don’t Listen To All Advice

Everyone has their own journey and certain things will work for you that didn’t work for others. Do your research. Be mindful of the advice that you should keep and of the ones that you can do without.

Don’t Fret the Beginning Stages

You’re most certainly going to endure an “ugly” phase. But whether your ugly phases are frizzy locs , puffy locs or locs standing up every which way, learn from it. In hindsight, that stage was necessary for me and it wasn’t as bad as I made it seem. I’d actually do it again. There is nothing like learning to be patient and finding beauty in a situation that really wasn’t that ugly.

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Don’t Re-twist Too Much

I know about “Le struggle”! It’s hard out here in these streets and your hands won’t want to leave you hair alone! But trust me when I say that re-twisting too often is detrimental to the health of your locs. Your locs will inevitably thin out when they get longer, from all the weight. So you want to limit any actions that will cause them to thin further. Hopefully if you have a great loctician, they will tell you as much.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Journey

Your locs will never look exactly like your hair crush’s, or your sister’s, or your brother’s. Your hair won’t grow at the speed that you want. It won’t loc up the way you thought that they would. They’ll just do they’re own thing. So save yourself the stress and don’t COMPARE! Instead enjoy your Loc journey for what it is, YOURS!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Make sure that you enjoy every stage. Next thing you know, you’ll be two years down the line and looking at old pics thinking “Where did the time go?” Yea, time flies when you’re having fun!

Share with us! What made you decide to loc? What is some of the best advice you’ve received and/or have to offer to someone else?