5 Totally Pretty Holiday Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyle with Jewels and Rubber Bands for the Holidays

Holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. With family, friends and food preparations your natural hair is the last thing you want to worry about it. Don’t worry we have done the hard work for you.

Below is a list of 5 Holiday Natural Hairstyles for you to choose from. The tutorials include updo’s, protective styles and a fun spin on a twist out. Your family will be raving about your hair over dinner.

When I am not in the mood to do my hair my go to lazy style is a high puff. For my sistas that will be busy running errands, cleaning and preparing for family this first tutorial is for you. Lynette from MyNaturalSistas shows us how to make a lazy puff into a holiday puff. This tutorial is easy but offers a twist on a very lazy style.

We did not forget about my WashNGo queens. I know sticking with your old faithful wash n go style is an easy option. That’s why Jess aka MahoganyCurls has the perfect Holiday Wash N Go for you. In her video she shares with you not one but two options on how to spruce up your wash n go perfect for the holidays.

Protective styles are great all year around but even better during holiday season. Former Sister Sister Actress and Half of the Mowry twins Tia Mowry has really great hair tutorials on her Youtube channel. She has a holiday video featuring a braided protective style. Tia describes these looks as comfortable and fun. A protective holiday style sounds like a win win to me.

For those who are looking to add some flare and bling to their hair for the holidays Daye La Soul has got you covered. She made this video in mind for those who can not flat twist or cornrow. This is a fun style with hair jewelry and rubber bands. Your hair will be the topic of dinner.

Imagine you have cleaned your house, the food is prepared, outfit picked out and it hits you that you don’t know what to do with your hair. Don’t panic NaturallyTemi has 3 style styles that are quick and easy. These styles can be done on old style and dry hair. This tutorial was made for a last minute style you can do right before the family comes over.

Cheers to look beautiful for the holidays!