5 Ways Honey Can Boost Your Deep Conditioners

Honey dipper

by StrawberryCurls.com

Sometimes our hair can get damaged or dried out because of heat styling tools, chemicals or even dyes that we place on it. Even exposing it to cold air and sun might decrease its durability which is why it’s really important to ensure that you use a deep conditioning treatment once in a while. This will help you restore your hair to its natural moisture and state.

Deep conditioning treatments do a lot on their own but sometimes you may want to boost it’s properties to help your hair look great again. Honey is one of the best products that you can find on the market when it comes to boosting the power of your current deep conditioner and there are numerous reasons for that.

1. Humectant properties

Honey is a humectant, so it captures and retains moisture to your hair. While your current deep conditionerdoes its job nicely, adding some honey will help replenish the moisture a lot faster by adding the necessary minerals and vitamins needed to achieve that result.

2. Anti-irritant properties

When you undergo a deep conditioning treatment you sometimes feel that your scalp is itching. This is most of the time caused by irritations that might appear during the treatment, but thankfully, honey can help in this situation. Honey exfoliates the scalp and aids in fighting irritation caused by the weather or your need to exfoliate your scalp.  Additionally, it can also help with tenderness or hair loss as well.

3. Helps you deal with split ends during the treatment

While undertaking the deep conditioning treatment you might have to deal with split ends. By combining a tablespoon of honey with mayonnaise, an egg, and apply then to the ends of your hair you can remove this problems easily. Honey hair masks can also improve the power of deep conditioners for natural hair, you just have to make sure that you apply it properly.

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