5 Ways To Keep Your Edges Thick & Full

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Did you know that there are ways to prevent and regrow your nape and edges? You do not have to suffer with unnecessary breakage and thinning alone. Here are 5 amazing ways that you can use to help regrow your edges and nape.

Avoid Over Brushing

The desire for sleek edges and a sleek nape can place unnecessary stress on your hair follicles. If you can lessen the amount of times you brush your edges and nape throughout it can help with maintaining the longevity of your natural hair.

Use Less Product

It is very easy to go over hand with styling gels, edge controls, to achieve a sleek style. If you apply less styling product to your edges and nape the better chance they can breathe and thrive.

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Moisturize And Seal

Moisturizing and sealing the hair on both your edges and nape with a leave in conditioner and oil can help your hair grow healthier. Both your edges and nape hair deserve to have that extra boost of care weekly.

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Cover And Protect

Covering and protecting your edges and nape before going to bed can help maintain the health and moisture of your hair and scalp. Remember wearing either a satin scarf, bonnet or using a satin pillow can help you keep beautiful soft tresses too.

Style Your Natural Hair Wisely

Be mindful of the styles that you choose to wear with your hair especially if your select styles are causing stress on your edges or nape. Discover styles that you love that can be adjusted throughout the week that won’t tug on your edges and nape. Check out our natural hair style archive featuring 100’s of natural hair styles you can try!

Share with us your ways on how you protect your nape and edges. We would love to know!