6 Benefits Of Having Natural Hair


When you’ve been natural for as long as I have (6 years) and when you also work in the beauty industry it’s easy to forget that there are millions of women who still aren’t natural.  When women with relaxed hair meet me they often fawn over my natural hair and we spark up great conversation about all the reasons why they love my hair but they still can’t go natural for whatever reason they have set in their mind.   So I came up with this list of 6  benefits of having natural hair that you should share with anyone you know who still isn’t natural and tell them come on with it!

Styling Natural Hair is More Economical
When I was relaxed I spent a lot of money on maintaining my relaxed hair.  Monthly or even biweekly trips to the salon can be very expensive, and relaxed hair must be maintained to minimize damage. There was just no escaping the cost every 6-10 weeks when it was time to get my next relaxer touch up.  and I promise you, once you’re natural, you will be caring for your natural hair on your own about 99% of the time. Saving you lots of coins.

Natural Hair Can Be Cared For Without Dangerous Chemicals
Perms and relaxers contain similar ingredients to those found in Liquid Drano. The chemicals are bases, like Liquid Drano, and they dissolve the protein bonds that make Black hair curly – literally burning the scalp. Once you’re natural your hair thrives off of natural nutritious butters and oils.

Natural Hair is More Versatile
Unfortunately, some people mistakenly believe that natural hair has only a limited number of styling options; nothing could be further from the truth. There’s no need for a natural woman to feel like she has to be trapped wearing one style. The great thing is, as natural Black hair grows, there are different style choices with each inch gained.

You No Longer Need To Fear Water
How many times in your life did you duck from the rain when you were relaxed? How many summers did you miss out on swimming at the beach or local pool? Once you’ve gone natural you can get your Micheal Phelps on.

Fall In Love With The Gym
Just like the rain and the pool, sweating out a perm was not the business. When you’re natural you can work work work work work and get your banging body without jeopardizing your beautiful hair.

And best of all: being confident enough in yourself to not care what anyone else thinks of you or your hair.There’s a special kind of strength that comes with embracing yourself because of how you were made, not in spite of. Congratulations on finding your light and refusing to let others blow it out!