6 Natural Hair Tips That Are Absolutely Ridiculous


by StrawberriCurls

I have been doing this natural hair thing for a long time now. In the midst of this, i have come across some of the most absurd natural hair tips in existence today. Some of it i am completely floored by and just do not understand why people even believe this crap. I want my hair to retain my length just as much as the next natural but man some of this stuff is just…  natural hair

1. Breast milk for hair growth – There are some tips that I will give the benefit of the doubt and there are some natural hair tips that leave me with so many unanswered questions. Where am I getting the breast milk for? Who’s providing it? How did you come about trying this? How long did you do this to prove if it worked or not? I’m so good on this.

2. Monistat for hair growth – ~flips table~ You have got to be kidding me. This is one of those natural hair tips that you won’t EVER catch me trying out. Do you know what Monistat was made for!? No, I’m beyond straight on this because you have to be given several seats for this suggestion. Again, so many questions….

3. Mineral Oil Based Hair Grease – Yes, I said it, grease. I say this because if you knew the origins of hair grease and how we came about using it, you would think it’s absurd to. It basically came from slavery because slaves had to use what was on hand to do their hair. So they used oil that chicken was fried in , oil from carriages, just about anything and these practices were carried over to their children.

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What are some hair myths that you have heard that get under your skin?