7 Companies That Sell Black Dolls

As a mom of two black children, one of them being a girl it is so important to me that my daughters doll collection be reflective of herself. It was very challenging this past holiday season to find any black dolls for my daughter. In Fact, Doc McStuffins was the only black doll I could find in Walmart, Target, and Babies R Us. When I took some time to research black dolls, I noticed that the lack of representation in our children’s toys has been changing right under my nose. This has to be greatly related to the desire for greater diversity within the toy industry. If you didn’t know about these 7  toy companies, let me break them down for you now.

Brown Eyed Dolls

My daughter has both the Michelle and Aaliyah dolls, which she has named Ny and Sasha, respectively. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago where there are many Brown Eyed Dolls! Brown Eyed Dolls was established to fill the void in the toy marker of dolls with gorgeous hair and variety of skin tones that are represented all around us.