7 Transitioning Tips to Keep you Inspired & Focused


Transitioning 101: Staying Focused

During hair talk with my natural friends, we often talk about our journey to natural hair and how hard it was to stay focused when transitioning from relaxed to natural texture. I know for me, during my first transition, I had to constantly refocus myself and keep my eyes on the goal ahead.

Yeah Right! Easily said than done, I know!

I found myself at my wits end and ultimately reached for the box of chemicals that I once vowed to never use again. With my first failed attempt to go natural behind me, I embarked on my second journey, and was more than excited when I reached au natural bliss!!!!!!

So why was the second time so easy?

It wasn’t! My second transition was just as tough as the first! The only difference was, I kept myself focused and used the following tips to keep me inspired. Try them out the  next time you need some motivation!

Finding Inspiration to Keep You Focused During Your Hair Journey

1.Make a List! List the reasons you decided to transition to natural hair. When things are getting difficult during your transition, pull out your list to refresh your mind of these goals and keep you motivated to achieve them.

2.Be Patient! Your hair is always growing but there is no way to make it magically longer! Trust me, if there was one, I  would be the walking spokes-model! Knowing this makes it easier to embark on your journey at your hair’s pace.

3.Find Your Hair Crush! My hair crushes are Solange and Kelis. Even though I have a different texture then them, their hair journey and great styles kept me inspired and motivated to reach my goals.

4.Wig Out! Get a natural style wig to see how you would look once you are totally natural. Doing this definitely kept me motivated to reach a curly me! Wigs are also great to protect your hair as well.

5.Transitioning Buddy! Everybody knows that sharing a great moment in your life with a family member or friend can make the experience even better. When you need encouragement or help with new styles, your buddy will be there and you can do the same for them. My BFF, Kisha and I, shared the experience of transitioning and we kept each other motivated and did each others hair, it was awesome!

6.Feed the Need to Be Straight! Although I don’t straighten my hair, Kisha would straighten her hair by flat ironing it, when she was fed up with braid outs, sock buns and to avoid reaching for the chemical box.She didn’t do it often but it was just the thing she needed to reach her goals.

7.Get Inspired By Fellow Transitioners! While transitioning I loved to watch youtubers Laila and Chary Jay. Along with visiting every natural hair website and blog I could google. Meetups and natural hair events are great to ways to get re-inspired, motivated and meet new natural friends.

We all have our weak moments while transitioning to natural hair and may be tempted to reach for the creamy crack! But before you relax that hair, remind yourself of the goals you set out to meet, call a natural friend, or find some natural inspiration. Don’t worry if you lose focus and cave in to chemical straighteners, like I once did, you can always start again and your next transitioning  journey may be your last!

Happy Journey Transitioners!

How do you stay focus during your transitioning Journey?

Where do you seek natural hair inspiration?

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