7 Ways To Use Cheapie Conditioners


by Natural Hair Rules

Cheapie conditioners are usually rinse-out conditioners that you will find at your favorite store for a steal, less than $5.

Aside from functioning as a rinse-out conditioner, they are perfect for co-washing (conditioner washing), detangling, moisturizing, and preventing your hair from being stripped of its natural oils.  With their small price tag, you can use them liberally without guilt; completely saturate your hair without thinking twice.

Here’s 7 Ways To Use Cheapie Condish in Your Natural Hair Regimen:


When it comes to detangling natural hair, especially the 4c hair type, a cheap conditioner is a natural girls go-to. Misting hair with water and applying conditioner from ends to roots will make detangling a breeze.


Conditioner Washing or Co-Washing natural hair is a great way to gently cleanse and hydrate even the driest hair.

Protect Hair While Swimming

Apply conditioner to hair before going for a swim. The conditioner creates a protective barrier; keeping moisture in and chlorine or salt out.


Conditioners are formulated to restore pH and moisturize hair which is crucial after shampooing. Many conditioners are infused with natural moisturizing, humectant, and emollient ingredients that balance and hydrate hair.

Prevent Dryness from Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying Shampoo are what I like to think of as a necessary evil. They are great from remove product build-up that can accumulate over time. But they can also be very drying. Conditioners restore moisture and decrease the amount  of sebum (oils that the scalp secretes naturally) lost when applied before using a clarifying shampoo.

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Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Cheapie Conditioners can be time savers. They provideslip for easy detangling. They also work as a pre-shampoo treatment (also known as pre-poo) while your detangling. Pre-pooing with conditioner is just one of the way you can prevent shampoo for stripping your hair of its natural oils.Coconut oil is an even better alternative.

Prevent Split Ends

You can prevent spilt ends by using the Conditioner Wash Conditioner Method.  Condition the length of my hair, especially your ends; apply shampoo to your scalp only, rinse, then apply conditioner again, rinse. The conditioner coats the most fragile parts of your hair, the ends, and prevents damage.

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