8 Black Women Podcasters You Should Be Listening To

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Podcasting emerged in the early 2000s and has seen an exponential increase in popularity over the past few years. Whether you’re seeking your daily dose of hip hop/pop culture or searching for more in depth discussions that venture beyond the typical Facebook group topics, there’s a podcast for it. The following podcasts are driven by beautiful multi-faceted women of purpose, and their shows collectively provide me with that healthy balance of entertainment and enlightenment. Check out some of my favorite female podcasters; one (or more) of the shows mentioned below are bound to tickle your fancy. Happy listening!

Samantha & Klashae | DuoLystic Podcast

Location: Dallas, TX

Connect with DuoLystic Podcast: Podcast | Website | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Samantha: Website | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Klashae: Twitter | Instagram

About: Samantha (pictured on the left) is a lifestyle creator, social butterfly, and single pet mom of one. You can find this creative soul on “The Real Girlfriend Xperience” in which she discusses topics on empowering, encouraging, and uplifting women while incorporating a good ole’ signature cocktail. Klashae (pictured on the right) is the hip hop loving natural hair enthusiast. She is a Black Lives Matter activist, book lover, and mother to two beautiful children. Klashae is also a brand ambassador for Obia Naturals (a company that produces vegan and non-toxic natural hair and body care products). The ‘DuoLystic Podcast” is a show comprised of two Geminis with like minds merging together to provide what is honest and true in a world that is fake. Samantha and Klashae provide men and women alike the outlet to be themselves and empower others as they confidently, hilariously, and unapologetically discuss life.

MohnaLyssaa | Our 2 Cents Podcast, Freefall Podcast

Location: Detroit, MI

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Connect with Haus of RedLipstick: Website Twitter | Instagram

About: Lyssaa is a woman of many talents; in addition to podcasting she has birthed a start-up multimedia company called “Haus of RedLipstick” whose purpose is to cater to women of all socioeconomic, spiritual and cultural backgrounds and provide a safe space for them to coexist and share their stories by way of original curated content in all art forms. Haus of RedLipstick is currently seeking female filmmakers, editors and graphic designers as well as contributing writers for the website in areas of: music, film, health & wellness, spirituality, and politics.

Lyssaa is one half of “Our 2 Cents Podcast”; a show that features two real life best friends adding their two cents on life, love, relationships, and anything else in need of change. Lyssaa has just launched her solo podcast “Freefall”; this solo project is available under the Our 2 Cents iTunes and SoundCloud platforms while she works to develop the separate links.

Takenyah | TakenyahTalks

Location: Detroit, MI

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About: You can still catch TaKenyah occasionally making a guest appearance on a podcast, however she has chosen to take a step back from her solo podcast platform “TakenyahTalks” and is focusing on her YouTube channel (FYI: the podcast episodes are still accessible on all podcast listening platforms). I am always blown away by TaKenyah’s swift, unapologetic, and articulate stance as she fervently challenges misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and almost every other problematic system/mindset of oppression and discrimination. She routinely discusses mental health, and I enjoy her candid commentary about her personal life including her fitness journey. TaKenyah makes videos for the ghetto girls who get called basic for wearing hoops, and the big girls who are treated as a fetish and not a human. She is here to start/engage in the (sometimes uncomfortable) conversation for change.

Jenell B Stewart | The Jenell B. Stewart Podcast

Location: NYC

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About: To put in layman’s terms, Jenell is kind of a big deal. Not only is she the founder and editor-in-chief of this award winning natural hair website kinkycurlycoilyme.com (if you didn’t know that before entering this website and opening this article, surprise!) she is a critically acclaimed blogger, podcaster, and nationally recognized social influencer. The “Jenell B Stewart Podcast” is a weekly lifestyle podcast designed to educate, empower, and engage. Episodes touch on various aspects of life including health and fitness, love and marriage, entrepreneurship, parenting, self-love, and more.

Cherry Poppins | The Officially Street Podcast

Location: Northeast PA

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Connect with Cherry: : Website | Twitter | Instagram

About: By day Cherry is an instructional designer, and by night she is a podcaster and writer.  Most importantly, she is a cancer survivor. Cherry has been involved in radio and podcasting since 2012. She started with her radio show in college and gradually transitioned into podcasting. Cherry also has a blog in which she explores her journey through her initial cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Cherry joins Syer, Jayomega, and/or the occasional guest or two to discuss all sorts of hot topics on “The Officially Street Podcast”. These topics may include but are not limited to: music, movies, television series, sex, sports, fashion, politics, religion, and global current events.


Jasmine | Confessions of a Big Haired Girl Podcast

Location: San Antonio, TX

Connect with Jasmynn: Website | Twitter Instagram

About: Jasmynn is a registered dietician who specializes in grocery store tours and counseling. She also has a blog in which she passionately expresses her love for cooking and shares her nutrition expertise as well as her personal life experiences and stories with her audience. Although Jasmynn and her husband haven’t posted a new episode in a few months (THE WORLD IS WAITINGGG *ahem*) I still enjoy listening back to their episodes. Some of my favorite shows from this podcast were part of their “Confessions Tapes” series in which Jasmynn and her husband Kordale discussed racy confessions anonymously submitted by their listeners. “Confessions of a Big-Haired Girl” is a podcast including a wife (big-haired girl aka Jasmynn) and husband discussing an array of topics while having fun.

Dr. Janae Taylor | Minding My Black Business Podcast

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Connect with Dr. Janae: PodcastWebsite / Twitter / Instagram

About: As I started my personal ventures of podcasting, freelance blogging, and partnering with my cousin to create a meal prep company I was desperately seeking podcasts whose content would nurture my budding entrepreneurial spirit. Someone suggested Dr. Taylor’s podcast and I have been in love ever since. “Minding my Black Business” is a podcast in which Dr. Taylor is diligent in spreading the gospel of good mental health; throughout each and every episode she immerses listeners in engaging discussions with black entrepreneurs.

* Note: These podcasts can be found on all or most podcast listening platforms, including the Apple Podcast app and SoundCloud.*