8 Reasons Why Your Wash N Go’s Aren’t Working For You


Rocking a wash n go for many naturals is a nightmare. The fears of having flakes, product buildup, and even tangles are a few reasons why many naturals stay away from attempting wash n go’s. As many naturals know wash n go’s capture the true curl pattern of the hair without having to manipulate the curls in the days to come. Here are 8 reasons why wash n go’s aren’t working for many naturals.

Your Natural Hair Is Not Properly Cleaned

When natural hair is cleansed properly it has more body, shine, and can absorb hair product so much better. Using apple cider vinegar diluted with warm water is a great cleanser that can help remove unwanted build-up from the hair and scalp. Sulfate free and sulfate-based shampoos work differently for every natural it’s up to that natural to pick and choose whether he or she wants to use a sulfate free or sulfate-based shampoo to cater to their hair needs. Doing a hair detox with Bentonite clay can also be highly beneficial once a month too!

You’re Not Bathing Your Hair In Conditioner Before styling

Curly hair craves moisture and especially type 4 natural hair! The best cheap silicon and paraben free conditioner is Vo5. Right after cleansing your natural hair follow up with a very lightweight and moisturizing conditioner with loads of slip and detangle your hair with lots of warm water. It’s best to use your fingers to do “most” of the detangling for the best wash n go results. Bathe your hair in the conditioner and don’t be shy with the application. The conditioner will help prep your hair for the styling.


Your Ends Have Not Been Trimmed

Fairy knots may really hold your hair back from looking and feeling as carefree as your wash n go will be. If while your detangling your hair with conditioner and you keep feeling knots on the ends of your hair, then it is time for a trim. The best way to trim natural hair is while it has been blown out.

Wash n go’s capture the natural’s true texture, so it is best that you keep your ends trimmed and even dusted so your hair can continue to thrive. Unnecessary fairy knots and split ends can really hold a natural back from having a beautiful wash n go.


You’re Using Too Much Product And Not Enough Water

I used to be guilty of applying more product to my hair instead of rewetting my hair with more water. Applying too much hair product can cause unnecessary build up on your hair and scalp. Too much styling product can leave your hair weighed down. The key to a successful wash n go is more water and just the right amount of hair product all throughout your head.


Your Technique Needs Work

The way a natural applies their styling products of choice to their hair will help them achieve different results. Some naturals prefer shingling, the praying hands method, or even scrunching technique. Discovering the right technique to give your hair the look that you may desire might just be a click away on YouTube.

You’re Using The Wrong Styling Products

If you have attempted doing the wash n go on and you have found a technique that works for you then having a second look at the products that you are using may be worth it. Depending on your hair type and porosity you may be using the wrong styling products on your hair or even too many styling products on your hair at a time.

Your Expectations Are Not Realistic

Keep in mind that there is not a thing wrong with having a hair crush. Just make sure that you’re not constantly comparing your hair to theirs. We all have different hair types, textures, and hair care regimes to cater to all our own individual hair care needs. Just because your wash n go does not come out looking like your favorite natural hair YouTuber, best friend, cousin, or auntie that it doesn’t mean you’re wash n go is or was a fail. Keep all expectations realistic and don’t be so hard on yourself about the turn out of your curls.

You’re Over-Manipulating Your Hair

Keep your hands off your hair and let it do its thing! Over manipulating your natural hair especially once your finish with doing your wash n go can lead to unnecessary frizz and tangles. After applying your styling product(s) do not go back into your hair with a brush or comb. Let your hair set after a good shake and let it be.

I hope that you have found these tips very helpful and would not mind giving them a try! Let us know what your favorite wash n go styling tips in the comment box below!