A Natural Hair Nightmare That No One Should Have to Experience

A Natural Hair Nightmare That Noone Should Have to Experience

After being natural for a while, many women wonder what their natural hair would look like if it were straightened.  I remember pulling my hair down in the front to see how long my hair was once I held it taut against shrinkage. As I meet more and more newly natural women, they often ask me how long my hair is and if I will ever straighten it. The short answer is No. I’ve been natural for almost 6 years and I’ve never been a proponent of using heat.  But I do understand the itch to flat iron natural hair.

Just know it’s not always a happy ending and learning from the mistakes of others can be a valuable lesson. Meet Ngozi Sherry.  She’s a blogger that I’ve recently discovered, on the channel BeautiFroHair, she’s been natural for over 6 years and decided to treat herself to getting her natural hair flat ironed for the first time.

Flat Ironing: Trick or Treat?

Ngozi, shares with us a few pictures from her salon experience, the results of her flat iron and a much needed trim.

On Day 15 she makes a video where she installs clip ins because she felt her straightened natural hair looked “very thin and lifeless” and wanted to show us how she’s been styling her straightened natural hair for the past two weeks.

Around Day 18 of having her natural hair straightened she discusses her Androgenetic alopecia and talks very openly and honestly about her hair damage as a result of her salon experience.  As she talked about her experience more and more I just wanted to give her a big hug. For the past 6 years she’s been caring and growing her hair on her own without the help of anyone and now she’s dealing with horrible heat damage, which is a serious risk of excessive blow drying and flat ironing

Androgenetic alopecia

After 3 weeks of wearing her natural hair straightened, she is washing her natural hair using the Aphogee protein treatment that was recommended to her as a way to combat heat damage.  In this video, you can see the results of her heat damage.

About a week later, she attempted a second heat damage recovery routine. She applies Apple Cider Vinegar strand by strand all over her hair following that with conditioner.

Ngozi is not giving up on her hair and is doing the best that she can to heal her damaged hair. Having natural hair is a journey and this journey isn’t always peaches and creams. I myself have experienced hair damage after several months of wearing protective styles. Unlike Ngozi, I decided to big chop my hair and start over, but I really admire her strength.