Accessories to Watch: Tights

For as long as I can remember, tights have been the number one way to polish your look and make it classic. Recently, they’ve become a top trend for many women. Now coming in many different patterns, colors, and styles, tights are now the accessory to watch!

Solid colored opaque tights have been very popular for a long time. In simple white and black, they give a very polished look. In multiple colors, they give a trendy edge to your look. Solid colored tights is one of the best ways to create a flirty color blocked look during the day.You can also pair them with a mini skirt and a chunky heel for a cool retro look.


I’m sure everyone remembers the ever so popular suspender tights that everyone went crazy for. This was definitely the rise of the patterned tights into mainstream fashion. Celebrities were seen everywhere in their tights which convinced everyday women to do the same. They are always nice to wear with a skirt or a funky pair of shorts. Throw in a funky heel or wedge to finish off the look and you’re set! During the warmer seasons, you can also pair them with a cute tunic/belt combo or a maxi dress with a slit in it to keep it interesting.

What kind of tights are your favorite?