Actress Kimberly Elise Shares Budget Friendly Hair Tips


Kimberly Elise, is an American film and television actress with the most beautiful head of natural hair on the big screen. She made her feature film debut in Set It Off, one of the best movies ever! If you were too young when Set It Off came out back in 1996 you may remember Kimberly Elise from her main role in Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005) or Dairy of a Mad Black Woman (2010). All of the real Kimberly Elise fans like me, are currently watching her every week in her current role as Sloane on the VH1 hit show “Hit The Floor” which airs on Mondays @ 10pm.

Her Budget Friendly Hair Tips

In a recent interview with HypeHair magazine Kimberly Elise shared a pretty cool budget friendly hair tip. She suggest that we “get a Britta water filter and a canteen so you can make your own bottled water and drink lots of water. Theres really no need to buy plastic bottles of water, it’s just not good for us in so many ways and it’s definitely not good for the earth either.” Spoken like the true vegan she is.

How She Cares For Her Hair On & Off Set

Kimberly Elise is a big proponent of protective styles. She washes and deep conditions her hair weekly and then “usually have it in some sort of twisted up style and reserve special occasions r the weekend for wearing it out. i find this to be the best way to maintain the health of my very fragile hair.” She tells HypeHair magazine “other than on Hit The Floor, I do my own hair 9 times out of 10. So when you see me on the red carpet I did that hair do myself.”

Her Natural Hair Must Have Products

While stalking her Twitter timeline, I found a recent image of the Adore Botanicals Budding Butter Treat and she makes it sound glorious! I need to get my hands on some stat.

Some of Kimberly’s other staples include avocado butter, avocado oil, any super creamy slippery conditioner made with good ingredients and water.