All The Reasons I Am Through With Coconut Oil

All The Reasons I Am Through With Coconut Oil

While everyone is pouring coconut oil over their entire existence, natural hair blogger, Whitney of Naptural85 shared in her latest video that she is so through with using coconut oil in her natural hair care routine!   Whitney has been dealing with several hair issues including an inflamed red burning scalp, excessive hair shed, dry hair and stunted hair growth which led her to believe she may have a Vitamin D deficiency.  But she came to the realization that perhaps there was some part of hair routine that could be causing or making her symptoms worse.

I was literally putting coconut oil on everything, I was pre-poling with it, I was deep conditioning with it, there wasn’t a portion of my routine that did not involve coconut oil. I feel like I may have overdone it with the coconut oil or when I dyed my hair it changed the porosity or chemical make up of my head.

In many of the natural hair videos Whitney creates she uses coconut and she received lots of comments from her viewers asking her for a coconut oil substitution.  And finally it dawned on her “I use a lot of coconut oil… what If I’m allergic to it?” thought Whitney.

After 1 day of not using coconut oil Whitney’s scalp felt so good.

“My hair was soaking in moisture immediately, it was almost like my hair was reacting to coconut oil the way that some people’s hair reacted to a protein treatment.”

After 2 weeks of not using coconut oil, Whitney explains her scalp was no longer red, there was no more stinging, her hair absorbed moisture much better and there was much less hair shed.

When it comes to products Whitney is avoiding coconut oil “like the plague”, she is using many of her old DIY hair recipes sans coconut oil and instead she uses sweet almond oil and avocado oil – Try these recipes for a healthy coconut free regimen: DIY African Black Soap Shampoo, DIY Mango Butter Styling Cream.

Whitney wants everyone to know that you shouldn’t start freaking out if your hair has no issues with coconut oil, but you can test it out if you’ve been suffering from similar issues.