Are The Mac x Nicki Minaj Nude Lipsticks Wearable? Let’s Swatch!

Nicki Minaj, the Barbie girl launched two nude lipsticks last month and I got my hands on one of them.

First, the real winner of the set—The Pinkprint ($17.50), a subtle bubblegum pink with an orange undertone. It’s a color both your high school sister and cool aunt could appreciate. The pigment is not lost in the creamy consistency either; in fact, the formula feels moisturizing, while the finish looks rich. The second, Nicki’s Nude ($17.50), is a deeper, richer coral-pink. The shade feels more mature, but as wear continues, it fades into a neutral peachy tone that looks natural and fresh.

Check out my latest video to see which color I got and how it wears on me. Let me know your thoughts below.