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Hey Naturalista!

I know how important your support and the support of others has been in my journey. I would love to honor you for this and use your story to motivate and encourage other women who are contemplating going natural, who never thought about going natural, who are transitioning, who just did their Big Chop, and those who have been natural for years!

Here are the options

BIG CHOP 2 NOW!  – Please give us a picture of your hair when you Big Chopped and then give us another picture of your hair now! Newly naturals are always inspired by the awesome growth naturalistas experience throughout their journey. (Include a caption for each pic or a more detailed account). (Examples)

Me, Myself, & My Natural Hair! – Please share your hair journey. Tell me all about how you made your decision, how you transitioned or did your BC, and all the emotional ups and downs you’ve gone through from then to now! (Include pics from each stage of your journey). (Examples)

My Natural Hair Style! – Please give us a rundown of how you wear your hair. Feel free to include your favorites from the various stages of your journey or just the one style you love the most. Tell us where these styles came from, products/accessories used, and share what you feel like in each do. If possible, share with us how we can achieve the style too! Tutorials are welcome! (Include pics of each style). (Example) (Example)

What works for me! – Please share your current natural hair regimen. Suggestions: Morning routine, Night routine, weekly routine. Products, accessories, etc. (Include any pics you’d like). (Example)

Letters to my Hair! – Letters to My Hair is a compilation of personal letters written by lovely Natural Hair ladies to their hair. It allows you to reflect back to the time before you started your journey and really tell your hair how much “she” means to you and how much you’ve matured during your journey. (Examples)

Interview! – Please answer all (or some) of the questions below. (Include any pics you’d like). (Example)(Example)

What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been natural? What styles did you wear before this decision (Ideas: relaxer, weaves, braids etc)?
What were the responses you received in response to your natural hair decision?
How often do you wash and style your hair? What are your favorite styles to wear?
What products do you use in your hair?
What are somethings you’ve learned about your hair during your journey? (Ideas: Discuss each stage TWA to present OR Beginning Locs to present OR Multiple BigChops)
What advice would you give to women contemplating growing natural hair?
How do you feel when you see other Naturalistas?
What are 5 hair items/products you can’t live without?
How can you be contacted? (Ideas: Email Addy, blogs, twitter, Facebook, MySpace, BlackBerryMessanger, AIM etc)

Guest Blogger! – Are you a fellow blogger with topics or well researched articles that you wish to share with the KCCM audience? Email the link to the post you wish to share. (Examples)

Natural Hair Recipes! – Are a true mixtress, chemist, or botanist? Send in your healthy hair recipes for others to try! Please include a title for your recipe (e.g JenellyBean’s Shea Butter Mix) list of ingredients with measurements, easy to follow directions, and any tips to follow. If you have pics of your hair with your recipe in it, that would be great! (Examples)

Product Reviews! – I love reading product reviews before I buy products. If you have tried out a product that you LOVE or HATED please share your experience with us. Please use this TEMPLATE when submitting reviews. (Example)

Submit to Please include the “Title of the feature” you chose for your feature in the subject line. Please check for PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING! All respectful submissions will be posted.