Beautyblender TRIED It! #Canceled?

Beauty Blender Foundation

Hang on, sorry. Let me just grab a some to clean up this mess. I just threw up in my mouth!

Is this really happening, again, in 2018?! Did Beautyblender not learn anything from Tarte Cosmetics and their miserable attempt to satisfy the “sistah” with one of the most talked about full coverage concealers on be market? I’m … confused.

I’m sure you’re already privy to the previous uproar on this topic or perhaps you’re over it. Either way, we haven’t talked about yet.  So, girl, grab your tea cup so we can talk!

Tarte Cosmetics launched 30 NEW Shape Tape Foundations (15 Matte and 15 Hydrating Formula) that were supposed to be equally as bomb as their Shape Tape concealer.  As excited as beauty guru’s and make-up enthusiasts from all over the world were about this HOT new product, consumers with deeper complexions did NOT have a seat at this proverbial table.  Case in point. Did you find your shade? I didn’t think so!

Tarte was dragged for filth and the majority of black women, who cared, now consider them CANCELED.

Perhaps Beautyblender, known for its top-rated makeup sponge, must’ve missed all of the uproar when CEO, Ree Ann Silva decided to launch the 32 new Bounce Liquid Whip Foundations. As much as we love the pink egg-shaped makeup tool, we just knew this foundation would be BOMB.  Only problem is, as seen below, the shade options for you and me are slim.

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It’s no wonder this $40 Sephora-exclusive foundation is practically sold out of the light to medium options online, yet available in all 4 of the deep skin tone foundations.  Now, Beautyblender seems to think they were doing us a favor by deeming colors 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 deep shades, as well.

But we know from the swatches below, this must have been an oversight.  It’s clear to makeup wearers, makeup lovers and Black Beauty Influencers around the world that Beautyblender (like Tarte Shape Tape) is in violation and on the verge, it not already, of being #Canceled.

Welp, this was yet another epic fail and clear indication that top-rated beauty brands tend to forget about us.  What’s great, however, is that these days, not much of this foolery goes unnoticed and we are callin’ it like we see it!

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