Biotin Promotes Hair Growth



Biotin is a supplement that Supports Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails”.  So there can’t be too much harm done, right?  Who doesn’t want healthy hair, skin, and nails?  That’s every woman’s dream!

I’ve been taking a Biotin supplement since I did my Big Chop in March 2010.  My hair has been growing a very fast rate (1 inch a month all over) and women always think I’ve been natural for longer then I really have been because my hair is much longer then most naturals at the 6 month mark.  Especially considering that I didn’t transition at all.

In addition to taking one Biotin Supplement daily, I also take a women’s multivitamin, vitamin c and folic acid.

Below are some resources to assist you in making the decision to use Biotin supplements.  If you’re not the pill popping type, you can find Biotin in foods as well, but unless  you plan on eating these foods daily you won’t be able to consume the amount of Biotin needed.

biotin says “Legumes like kidney beans and lentils should be an important part of your hair-care diet. Not only do they provide plentiful protein to promote hair growth, but ample iron, zinc, and BIOTIN.

Here’s what says about Biotin:

Biotin is most often thought of as the “hair growth vitamin.” It is an essential water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin has come to be known for its role in the health and beauty of Hair, Skin and Nails. It promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness. It also increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex, thus preventing breakage… (Read More)

Here’s what says about Biotin:

There are a variety of foods rich in biotin. The richest source is nuts (peanuts, filberts, almonds, peanut butter). A half cup of peanuts yields more than double the daily requirement of biotin for adults. Smaller amounts of biotin (anywhere from 3 to 8.5 micrograms per serving) are found in tuna, pork, banana, papaya, carrots, avocado, tomato sauce, nonfat milk, salmon, swiss chard, sweet potato, haddock, lowfat yogurt, cashews, cooked egg and soy protein isolate.

Biotin is sometimes recommended to combat brittle hair and nails. It is commonly found in hair and nail beauty products…. (Read More)

Here’s what says about Biotin:

Biotin is consumed from a wide range of food sources in the diet, however there are few particularly rich sources. Foods with a relatively high biotin content include egg yolk, liver, and some vegetables.

Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. Consequently, it is found in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin, though it cannot be absorbed through the hair or skin itself.

KCCM:  Of course the decision of taking Biotin is completely up to you, but many women who started taking Biotin after learning that I’ve been taking it have been very pleased in their results.  They rave that their hair is thicker, fuller, longer, and that their skin is glowing and their nails are growing long.

What are your experiences with Biotin?

If you’re not taking Biotin, will you?