Black Graduate Revoked Job Because Company Doesn’t Accept Braided Hair

Lara Odoffin

This is Lara Odoffin, A Bournemouth University graduate was left “disgusted” after she had her job offer revoked because the company did not “accept” braided hair, as part of their uniform requirements.  This is 2015 and Black Women are still being discriminated against because of their hair? I mean come on really? Is she qualified? If so, then whats the issue?

Lara Odoffin posted a message from her prospective employers who told her: “If you are unable to take them out I unfortunately won’t be able to offer you any work.”

Lara Odoffin work statement

This is why websites like this one are very much needed. People forget that outside of some of our circles and meetup groups and the online natural hair community, the rest of the world is still so behind the times. Braids have been worn for centuries and have also been discriminated against for ages. We’ve had the conversation before on Facebook about how when braids are worn down the runway by White women, they are chic and trendy, but when worn as a normal everyday style by Black women it’s deemed unprofessional. Such a double standard.

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