Black Hair and Beauty Looks from NYFW SS 2019

Fashion Week is an event that I always look forward to monitoring from the privacy of my own home every season. Held twice a year in varying fashionable cities around the world, designers, celebrities, photographers, bloggers and stylists alike start to buzz and flutter when the months come around. But why? What’s so important about it?

During Fashion Week, designers set the tone for clothing that they want to see in the coming seasons. In the months thereafter, high street clothing stores start filling up with affordable versions for the every day man (with an everyday budget), to purchase. They basically set the tone for what we wear and buy every season!

Over the years, however, a cloud of disappointment hung over a certain group as each fashion week would pass -in New York, in London, in Paris- after seeing beautiful garment after beautiful garment, only reflected on models of one skin tone, one size and one hair type. Fashion is an art, and frankly it was hurtful, that some thought that their art couldn’t be for all people (or didn’t want it to be) Thanks to the ever outspoken millennial generation movements pushing for body positivity, the embracing of natural hair and inclusivity (to name a few), have begun to apply a pressure of sorts for things to change- even in the ever so cutthroat fashion industry. Slowly but surely, more and more brown faces were popping up. Now, bodies and faces of all different ethnicities and colors can be seen on even the most straight laced of designers’ runways.

Along with hiring models of varying ethnicities, designers must also hire stylists and makeup artists with the talent and skill to adorn varying hair types and skin tone. During the S/S 2019 NYFW, quite a few shows undertook this challenge, and executed the results beautifully, in my humble opinion.

Let’s take a look at a few of these and get inspired!