Black Soap for Hair: Reap The Benefits!


Hey Curfriends!

I hope you guys enjoyed my last article, if you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here and check it out!!!

Well transitioners, I want to talk to you about the great benefits of African Black Soap. A month ago Jenell sent me some African Black Soap and I was so excited to use it on my skin and had no intention of using it as a low poo for my hair. After talking to Jenell about how soft it left her hubby’s hair and after seeing how great it left my skin, I thought , it wouldn’t hurt to try it on my hair.

Needless to say it left my hair soft, with great springy curls and MOIST! Although I was told about its abilities, I was shocked to see the results. Ladies, really, who could refuse a  three in one product?!?!?!?  Face, Body and HAIR!!!!! I need a brick of this stuff!

So, transitioners, how can African Black Soap benefit you? Well I enlisted my beautiful friend, Keisha, and her 9 months of transitioning hair to tell you how. This is what she had to say:

“African Black Soap lathered very well with just a few strokes under water, so it will last for quite a while. The suds felt gentle and one poo was all it took. I automatically felt the curls popping up and that’s a plus! After washing it out and doing a cold water rinse, it left my two very different textures soft and ready for my conditioner. The plus was very little tangles, so detangling was a breeze. Once my hair was dried and styled you could visibly see it was moist and not dry looking and I must say, very soft.”

Well don’t take Keisha’s or my word for it! If you’re looking for a great product, with multi-usage and great hair benefits try African black soap out on your transitioning hair!

Click here to purchase the exact same African Black Soap I use on my skin and hair. It comes in varies sizes. If you want to try a very small piece, Jenell is sharing pieces of her HUGE piece for very cheap! Send her a message.  ENJOY!

Have you used African Black Soap for your hair?

What were your results?