Celebrity Makeup Artist Tricks You Need to Try


As someone who used to work in a department store, those makeup artists are hired to do the work for you. The best part is that you are never obligated to purchase anything. They want you to wear the product for a day, fall in love with it, then come back to purchase it when you are ready. I would always do quick makeup applications on customers, write the products that I’ve used down for them, and hope to see them a few days later when they are fully committed. It was my job.  I want you to be fully equipped to walk up to a counter or a shelf and pick out the right foundation, bronzer and lipstick.


Picking the Perfect Foundation
Everyone needs to understand that picking the right foundation doesn’t have to be so time consuming.  Just a few rules of thumb when picking your foundation yourself, never try the product on your hand or wrist. You should always be trying it on your face because that’s where you’ll be wearing it. When looking at the product range, it’s always easy to see where your skin tone ls. For example, if there are 10 colors of foundation in the line, I can tell that my skin tone would be somewhere in the middle range (between 4 and 7). I would test all four shades (4 through 7) on the side of my jaw line in thin stripes with a cotton swab. Then I would blend each one into my neckline. There will always be one color that blends seamlessly into the neck area with no lines of demarcation, that is the winning color that should be purchased. This is how I would pick colors for customers in the department store, and it works every time.


Go Outside and Take a Selfie
Now that you’ve found the winning color–don’t stop there. Grab a mirror and go outside into the daylight (tell the makeup artist that you’ll be right back, or better yet, invite them to go with you) inspect the color you chose outdoors just to be sure. Btw, most department stores have special lighting in their beauty departments that usually makes everything look flawless in the store, so go outside to see the real deal. Take it a step further, snap a selfie (with flash) and see if the foundation looks just as flawless on camera.


Get Kissed by the Sun with Bronzer
Probably one of my most favorite products on the market. As an artist, I will always use bronzer, and at times omit blush. Bronzer does wonders for sprucing up every day makeup as well as adding contour and shape to the face. It should make you look as if you’ve been kissed by the sun, as well as adding an unspoken completeness and continuity to your overall makeup look.

If you are naturally oily, a bronzer with minimal shimmer, or even a matte bronzer, is best. If you apply a shimmery bronzer on oily skin, by the middle of the day you’ll usually be an oil slick. when testing a bronzer, check to see that it gives you a healthy glow (a glimmer is ok too). If you are looking glittery or greasy, matte is the way to go. Also, I find that the deeper your skin tone, the redder your bronzer can go, it will add warmth to the skin and give a healthy undertone.

The right bronzer also comes in handy when you’ve done a really made up makeup application, and sometimes after we powder we’ll feel a tad ashy until our oils come through, a sweep of your bronzer (all over) will knock the ash right out immediately. I also find that lighter to medium skin tones do great with toasty almond shaded bronzers. These skin tones can tend to look a bit mango-ish if the bronzer has too much red or orange in it.

When applying the bronzer, always sweep it on the temples, forehead (close to the hairline), cheekbones, and on the jaw line. This technique immediately gives a finished and defined look to anyone’s normal makeup routine. As an added bonus, sweep the bronzer onto the neck and decolletage (a shimmer bronzer works wonders on everyone for this tip).  Over all, you know you’ve picked the perfect bronzer when you feel no need for blush. Did you know that you could also use it as an eyeshadow substitute? Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll be amazed


Don’t Be Afraid of Colorful & Bold Lips
I’m a firm believer that there really aren’t any rules or limits when it comes to venturing out into color. It’s all about the comfort zone and the personality of the user. There is a hidden general rule of thumb to making any color work. make sure your lips are fully primed with a great lip balm, you really want the lips ready and smooth for the proper lay down of vibrant lipstick.

If you normally wear natural lip colors and want to ease yourself into fuchsia and bright red, try dabbing a bit of the color (minimally) onto the lips and layer a lip balm or clear gloss over it. This will give a stained wash of color while easing you out of your comfort zone. For those that are more daring and willing to jump right into color, make sure that you use a matching lip liner and really define those edges. You’ll be surprised how comfortable you will feel in vibrant lips when they are perfectly defined.  Also, apply some foundation or concealer around the mouth area (think of it as a canvas displaying a work of art) and smooth out any imperfections around the mouth and chin area that could be distracting and less polished looking (It’s all about the subtle details that make colorful lips work).

Deeper skin tones are the best because they can wear any color under the sun if properly blended with a deep chocolate pencil (yes, I said deep chocolate pencil for any color). A deep chocolate pencil properly blended around a Hot pink, purple, fire engine red, or an electric orange lipstick will ease the transition from skin tone to lipstick effortlessly. Just be sure to blend the heck out of that lip pencil (keeping the very center of the lip bare) and layer the lipstick color of your choice on top. You’ll be shocked out how natural and easy bright lips can look.