Color Blocking is NEVER Out!


Hey Naturalistas!!!

Who is over color blocking? I’M NOT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE colors and when there is an opportunity to combine colors, I am all over it. I honestly thought the trend would disappear last year, but it has made its way into 2012 and it is HAWT for the spring time.

I  admit that color blocking CAN be tacky when done improperly, but it can also be FIERCE. This is me rocking my VERY first color blocked outfit in August 2011 on the Caribbean island of Antigua, hence, the beautiful background.

Since then, I have worn other color blocked outfits which you can see HERE and HERE.

I know some of you are apprehensive towards color blocking because everyone seems to be doing it, but why do you think they are doing it? They are doing it because it’s stylish and when done right, it can set you apart. In that spirit, here are some tips to help you with color blocking.

1. Try subtle color blocking. You don’t have to go wild and crazy. Look at the diva herself and Jenell’s HAIR CRUSH Solange Knowles rocking this trend.

 2. Incorporate color blocking when you rock your shoes and accessories. You may not be brave enough to wear a color blocked outfit, but there is no reason why you can’t wear the trend in other ways.

3. Try colors that complement each other and you KNOW work. Think of the Lakers: Purple and Yellow/Gold have proven to be fierce together and makes you look like a “balla’” (get it ) As you can see, I used these colors in my very first color blocked outfit.

4. ALWAYS HAVE FUN! Colors are meant to be fun so play around with them. Take an hour and pull out the neons and pastels in your closet and try them on and see how they look together. It sure wouldn’t hurt.

Till next time,
Stay Fabulous


How do YOU feel about color blocking?

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