Curly Hair Tip: What Can I do for an Itchy Scalp?


What remedies do you have for an itchy scalp??
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Check out what Curly Girl says:

This may sound flip but Curly Girls first answer is: Scratch it!  An occasional itch is perfectly normal and doesn’t necessarily signify a problem.   Our skin constantly responds to stimuli in the environment.

If you’re recovering from a longtime addiction to shampoo, your scalp will probably feel itch a couple of days after you stop using it.  An itch is often a sign that your scalp is healing, much like a scab does before it begins to heal.  Though your scalp is starting to heal from a constant state of dehydration, an itch is a signal that it still needs more moisture.

If you have severely dry hair, make the Exfoliating Scrub.  Wet your hair thoroughly, then massage in the scrub.  If you tend to have combination skin and hair, wet the hair and give your scalp a massage without the conditioner.  Start at the hairline using a circular motion.  First, tackle the sides and crown and then moved down to the nape of the neck.  Repeat the treatment every three days for a week.

You can also try spot-cleaning or spritzing your scalp with Lavender Mist, which contains natural medicinal properties that help cleanse the skin.

If the itching continues or becomes more severe, consult a dermatologist

What remedies do you have for an itchy scalp??
Share them below.

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