Dealing with Scalp Psoriasis


NaturallyMe writes…

Psoriasis is a very common skin disease that causes scaling and swelling. The most common type of psoriasis is in the scalp. Scalp psoriasis is also known to cause increased shedding and even hair loss. Dealing with scalp psoriasis can be very difficult and frustrating especially while trying to maintain healthy hair.

While I don’t have psoriasis, I did have horrible dandruff when I had relaxed hair. I noticed when I stopped relaxing my hair the dandruff was gone. The chemicals in the relaxer where contributing to drying my scalp out. Both dandruff and psoriasis have some of the same symptoms and are commonly confused. Psoriasis is definitely much more severe.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of dandruff. Maintaining moisture is key to getting rid of a dry scalp and trying to control psoriasis. When we perm our hair we think of water as one of our worst enemies, but it is actually the best moisture for your hair – both inside your body and out. A sufficient amount of water intake a day is not only great for your body but for your hair too! When choosing moisturizing products for your hair those that list water as one of the first ingredients are the best.

With lack of moisture and hair loss being a major concern with those who have psoriasis below are some products, and even items in your kitchen cabinet, that are said to help with the struggles of controlling psoriasis:

1. ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinses are a great cleansing agent. An ACV rinse helps remove product buildup and restore the pH balance of the scalp and hair. It also promotes blood circulation in the scalp which in turn can stimulate new hair growth. Click Here to see the ACV recipe I use.

2. Although I have not tried, Shea Moisture Deep Cleansing Shampoo is said to help those with scalp concerns. This is from their black soap line. They also have a dandruff and dry scalp elixir in the same line. As these are all natural products (and since I have used the other 2 lines in their collection) I am sure this will be a helpful product to include in your regimen.

3. Marshmallow root is said to be good. Check out this Marshmallow Root Rinse Recipe

4. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) has many benefits for the hair. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of olive oil are great for helping get rid of dandruff. It is also great for promoting hair growth. You can do an olive oil treatment by mixing with either PURE coconut oil or castor oil – yes the castor oil mom use to give us when we were little; massage the scalp with the mixture; place a shower cap on and sit for approx. 30 mins. then rinse and shampoo. Click here for more olive oil treatment recipes.

5. Some other oils that are good are tea tree oil, jojoba oil and neem oil.

6. Shampoo with sulfate free shampoos. Also co-washing more is said to help. Not everyone likes to co-wash but it is a good alternative to shampooing frequently.

7. Coconut milk and honey are said to be good as well. I actually on occasion mix both with my conditioner prior to doing my deep conditioner treatment. Click Here for more info on honey.

As I know this is a growing concern for those trying to maintain healthy hair, as I come across other products or items that are said to help I will include in future posts. I am by no means an expert on psoriasis and what works for some may not work for others, but at least I hope you now have some ideas on where to start.

Do you have any other remedies or products that they have found to help?? 
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