Dear KCCM…How do you Wash & Moisturize your Protective Style?


Hey JenellyBean!

Now that you’re wearing a protective style what’s your moisturizing secret?

Love JaVone.

Hey girl!
So while I’m in a protective style I do things a bit different.

First, I mixed about a good squirt of conditioner in a small spray bottle with water and I spray on my roots 1x a week. Like at the beginning of the week. I don’t soak my hair. Just enough to moisturize and give my hair some life. (No rinsing needed, just spray and go).

I have an oil mixture I made (Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil) that I put on my scalp and rub into my twists 2x a week. I have it in an applicator bottle for easy application. I use this on hubby’s hair (dread locks) too.

Every 2 weeks I wash my hair. But because I’m not taking my twists out to wash my hair I have to be innovative.

This is how I wash my protective style:

I mix a good squirt of shampoo in a spray bottle with water (like I did with the conditioner) and I spray it allll over my scalp until my scalp is soaked and the water is dripping down my face and my eyes are burning because I forgot how badly shampoo burns. Lol

Then I massage my scalp well. But I really try not to dishevel my roots too much because I plan on wearing my style for longer. So when I feel my hair is “clean”. I put on my satin bonnet–yes my satin bonnet night cap–and I hop in the shower. I let the (cool) water run over my head while the cap is on and rinse out the shampoo.

I take off the cap, while in the shower and I I clean out the spray bottle (that had the shampoo mix in it) and I add a good squirt of conditioner to it and mix with water (like I do to refresh my hair) but this time I soak my hair with the conditioner mix to give my hair back all the moisture stripped from the shampoo. I put the cap back on, but I don’t rinse out the conditioner.

When I get out the shower I let my hair air dry. After about 30 minutes or so, I add my oil mixture and the cycle continues.


Yours truly,