DIY Protein Treatment for Hair


Using a protein treatment on your hair has many advantages. The first is that it strengthens your hair. If you have weak, brittle hair, the right protein treatment can fix this issue. Another advantage is that by strengthening your hair, it also makes the hair a lot softer and smoother. Yet another advantage of protein treatments is that they can make your hair fuller and healthier than before.

Protein in hair treatments can lead to the hair feeling stiff and hard when overused, but the hair DOES need protein, especially when damaged. Protein treatments are used to help “repair” damaged hair by filling in the hair shaft and giving it added strength and therefore longevity. Many women who use high-protein hair treatments report that some of the products made their hair feel “dry” or “hard”. This can sometimes be associated with breakage because the hair is more rigid. This is often due to the fact that the women often misuse the products in question. They think that they need a product when they don’t or the product isn’t suited for their hair type.

Jenell Twist Out after Protein Treatment The fact is, that too much of any “beneficial” styling product can have negative effects. Deep conditioning treatments using cholesterol are great for very dry, coarse hair types, but will make mildly-dry medium hair types feel oily and flat, and can make fine hair types just look greasy. Protein treatments are the same. They are meant to bolster the hair that has sustained damage, and generally are not used more than once a week in more severe cases of damage.

I decided to be a Mixtress in the Kitchen and try out a homemade protein treatment with coconut oil and egg.  It wasn’t a bad experience, the back of my hair didn’t respond very well to the treatment-it was hard-but the rest of my hair was fine  and my scalp was very very happy as showcased in the video below.  My hair was very bouncy and shiny following the protein treatment, as you can see in the picture above.

If I try this again, I would use egg, honey and fresh avocado because that just sounds delicious and I’m sure the protein in the avocado will help as well.


How often do you do protein treatments?

How do you make yours?

Share your recipes!