Do You Document Your Natural Hair Journey?

My Flat Twist Out @ 2 Months Natural

Documenting your journey is very important for the newly natural, especially in the early days. It can actually be the difference between continuing and returning to a relaxer.   Natural hair shrinks BIG TIME and without documentation of your length over time, you might fail to realize that your hair is growing and thriving.  Documenting will also show you how much healthier your hair is getting as you go on.

There are many places to document your journey you have to find what’s best for you.  Many women save their pics on their computer or websites like FaceBook, Fotki, PhotoBucket, Shuterfly, Flickr, etc.  Others start blogs and websites.

After my BC I started taking photos every single day to keep track of my hair texture, my hair styles, and of course my hair growth.  I save all my pics on my computer in folders labeled by the month of my journey.  For example, all photos I take this month of my journey, will be placed in a file titled “Natural Hair Month 21”, I’m extremely organized and filing them in this way allows me easy access to photos when I need to share them on this website, on my Journey Picture Website, on my FB fanpage, on my YT channel, or when I’m encouraging women to stick with their journey.

By taking photos in the beginning of my journey, I could see various changes in the texture  of my hair  on a day to day basis. I could see when my hair was shiny, dull, dry, moisturized etc. On days when the weather was humid I could see how puffy my hair was in comparison to days when my hair was less puffy.

My new found creativity was very apparent through my pictures and through my “Hair of the Day” videos.  Just about every day was a new style. I would try twist outs, braid outs, Bantu Knots, Puffs, Twists, Updo’s, Wash n Gos, Protective Styles, I would rock different accessories and even extensions.

My Flat Twist Out @ 21 Months Natural

The most dramatic part of documenting my hair journey has been my length checks.  When you look at your hair in the mirror from day to day, week to week, and month to month, it’s very difficult for you to see your growth.  But when you document your growth in pictures, the results are undeniable.  I would pull the front, sides, and back of my hair down and document the length, but thats not the only way to see length, the size of my hair in different styles was a very good indicator as well.  I really like pulling on my hair, because you can see the small changes from month to month much easier, where as the size of my twist out may look the same for several months in a row even though there has been growth.

Growth is not important to everyone, but documenting your journey can be about more then just length as I’ve explained with my documentation.

Do you document your natural hair journey? If so, where and how do you document?  What benefit has documenting your journey had for you?  If you don’t document your journey, why did you choose not to?
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