Does Your Natural Hair Regimen Fit Your Lifestyle?


There is no one natural hair regimen that works for everyone. Let’s just put it out there. But in the beginning it’s helpful to get some guidance on where to start. We suggest buying a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner from the same product line. They’re made to work together so while you’re still in the discovery phase, take advantage of a cohesive system. You can branch out later. Next find a deep conditioner, water-based moisturizer and a natural oil (to seal that moisture in).

health-beauty-hair-natural-product-shower.jpg WASHING

A good place to start with your wash routine is at least once a week. But if after a full week of work, classes, cooking dinners and a weekend of soccer practice and dance class for the kids-you just cant!- that is 100% ok. If your schedule doesn’t allow for weekly shampoos, you can extend them to 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. I’ve gone even longer due to work, family and traveling and my hair was fine, didn’t stink or flake. It’s all about what works for you.


The conditioner detangles and restores moisture after your shampoo has stripped your hair clean. Use your leave-in conditioner whenever you feel your hair needs moisture or even to style. Leave-in conditioners are usually water-based so it could double up as your water-based moisturizer.


I you can, I suggest you  deep condition your natural hair every opportunity you can. My rule of thumb is at least every other week in the Summer and every week in the Winter – again you can adjust this routine once you learn what your hair needs.  But what if your wash day just doesn’t allow you to get out the shower, sit under the dryer for 30 minutes, and then hop back in the shower to rinse? Skip It. Do it the next time you can.

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With time you’ll adjust this basic routine to suit your schedule and hair care needs. Some women like me, wash every 2-4 weeks. Others deep condition once a month. It really is an individual preference! The key is to pay attention and observe what your hair likes. Does it feel rough, dry, fragile? Is it limp or breaking? If so, it’s time to read up on what the issue is a change your routine accordingly.

Share your hair regimens with us so we can try them out.